EVSE: The Race to Produce the Best

When the original brave pioneers purchased their electric cars, there were no charging stations, smart phone location apps or much of anything else. The only way to charge was the inevitable extension cord and house plug. Buyers needed to make sure they could find a charge on the way to work or grocery store. Longer trips and vacations were out of the question. Electric cars could accept any type of charge, not anymore.

Now that electric vehicles are entering mainstream car sales, new technology is exploding. Now there are charging stations everywhere and support products increase daily. New standards are being developed as more and more sophistication comes to electric vehicles.

EVSE stands for electric vehicle supply equipment. A standard for equipment charging in the industry. It keeps your charger and car safe when connected to an outlet. The standard is called EV charging stations, electric recharging points or charging points.

  • It establishes a two-way communication between the charger and vehicle. At the time of connection, the maximum current the charger can provide and the maximum current the vehicle can accept.
  • A lock-out is part of the protocol. Current will not run through an empty cable until the charger has made a secure connection to the vehicle.
  • The protocol detects hardware faults when connecting. This prevents damage to the charger, vehicle and battery.

The rise in demand for residential charging stations continues to rise, along with the technology. More than 80% of electric vehicle charging is done at home. There are several distinct advantages to charging your EV at home in the garage. 1) Low, stable electric rates. 2) The costs to run an EV over a years’ time, can be less than running an air conditioner.

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Get the Best Quote for Car Shipping

We live in a world now where you can ship almost anything. A car should be no different when it comes to shipping a large item across the country or to another state. Depending on how many cars you need transported, it should be possible to receive an adequate quote that reflects your current needs. Car shipping companies are designed to transfer all different types of makes and models from one state to another or abroad. By writing down all specifications of your vehicle that needs transportation, you will certainly help any shipping professional with giving you the best transportation service and quote possible. Do your research and take your time when selecting a car shipping service to handle one of your most prized possessions. Consider some of these tips when getting a car shipping quote and transporting your vehicle to another location.


With so many companies offering car shipping services on the market, it’s best you find those that have a stellar reputations and good customer feedback. Most previous consumers will share their experiences and provide you’re with insights on how the company handles problems. Most times online reviews can give you a better snapshot of the company’s reputation through the very feedback customers write in comment or chat boards. Those organizations with great reputations often are the easiest to work with and the most flexible. Choose wisely when selecting a shipping company and never underestimate one’s reputation without asking a few questions.


With access to almost anything online, many car shipping businesses will offer customers to receive direct quotes from their website. You may be asked to insert pertinent details, so the carrier can ensure their quote is accurate and realistic. Make sure you avoid or encounter any hidden costs or surprises when it comes to … Read More ...